The Germans modified Ferrari.

Апрель 25, 2016

The German workshop  Novitec Rosso  developed and applied the N-Largo S body kit for the Ferrari F12berlinetta supercar. Changes came over in a coupe which got a carbon aerodynamic body kit and a more powerful engine. Bumpers, side “skirts”, a spoiler on the roof, mirror bodies and a rear spoiler were made of a composite material. Wing arcs were widened and front lights were darkened. View Photos (11)


Ferrari California T

Февраль 12, 2014

Ferrari fulfilled their promised to reveal the new project car 149M today. The new sportscar will be called California T where «T» stands for turbo-charged. As mentioned before the model will be equipped with an engine borrowed from Maserati Quattroporte GTS. Ferrari has managed to increase the volume of the engine to 3855 cc as compared to 3799 cc in the Maserati. As a result it develops 560 hp and a…


Ferrari project 149M — Is this new California?

Февраль 4, 2014

Ahead of Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari teased a new car by the name 149M project. It could be the upcoming new California or may be a new development entirely. Rumors are in full swing related to this model, but no-one is sure about the surprise from Ferrari. Although Ferrari announced some thing new at motor Show in Geneva with many features such as updated interior and light weight body components….


Ferrari unveiled it’s Formula one car

Январь 26, 2014

Ferrari Formula one car is now official and has a fairly conventional nose. Code name Ferrari F14 T looks simple and according to company officials reliability is their main priority. Although Ferrari will continue to use pullrods in front. The good news for Ferrari fans is that, Kimi Raikkonen will be joining the team along side Fernando Alonso. The first test will be carried on F1 track, Jerez in south…


Ferrari F40 vs F50 — Which one is better?

Сентябрь 8, 2013

If you ask a car enthusiast that what is the best car ever, chances are the answer will be Ferrari F40. The supercar from late 80’s has a special place in heart of many autoholics. The successor F50 may not get the attention it deserved and now it is time to check why this supercar with better looks and sound is not as cult as its predecessor. Thanks to a…


Ferrari 458 speciale

Август 28, 2013

Ferrari will offer surprise fun for the Frankfurt Motor Show — the new 458 Speciale. The company would launch a stronger and faster version of the 458 Italia was no secret, and it was rumored that the model would be called Monte Carlo. But now we know that the name became 458 Speciale. This is a modern successor to the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia. Ferrari 458 italia…


Raikkonen draws first blood

Март 18, 2013

Kimi Raikkonen with his Lotus has clinched victory in the opening race of the Formula 1. It was his 20th Grand Prix victory. He was on a well planned two stop strategy and started from seventh position. The Finnish driver also sets the fastest time in Penultimate lap at 1:29.274.


La La La La …. LaFerrari

Март 6, 2013

The main attraction of the Geneva Motor Show in 2013 without a shadow of a doubt is the new supercar from Ferrari. The legendary Ferrari Enzo gets a worthy successor. Initially it was assumed that the supercar will be called Ferrari F70 and later under the project name F150, but in fact the model called much more unusual. Meet the new supercar LaFerrari.


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Август 17, 2012

Ferrari has officially unveiled its new supercar, which came to replace the 599 GTB Fiorano Coupe. The new supercar called F12 Berlinetta, and its world debut took place at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 .


Ferrari 458 Italia

Апрель 11, 2012

The new 458 italia is Ferrari’s replacement for the F430. The V8 engine has grown to 4.5 liters, but it will consume less gasoline than its predecessor and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds thanks to the seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Top speed is 198 mph(325 km/hr). Direct injection helps to reduce consumption and the supercar now delivers 13.7 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 320 g / km. Ferrari 458 italia is…