David Beckham’s Ford pickup will be sold at auction

Апрель 25, 2016

The Ford pickup F-150 2002 in the Harley Davidson special version of a former halfback of the English national team David Beckham will be sold at the Barons auction. The cost of the car will vary from 10 to 12 thousand pounds (from 14,3 to 17,2 thousand US dollars). The certificate on registration with the name of the footballer and the certificate confirming that Beckham owned the car is attached…


These 5 Classic Cars Are a Surefire Investment

Март 19, 2013

The price of a classic car varies with the interest of the classic car buying public. Rare cars, cars with an interesting tie-in to public culture and cars that have become flavour-of-the-month will have high value. Other than that, the key with the classic car as an investment, as with any investment, is time. Given sufficient time, almost any investment will increase. With that in mind, here are five classic…