Take More on Your Easter Camping Trips

Any camping trip can prove a challenge when trying to find room for everything you will need. Not only do you need the tent and your own clothes but you will also need items for cooking, your food, and a variety of other items of equipment. Anything that you forget can prove difficult or impossible to replace and it will almost certainly mean driving around local towns in order to locate an outdoor shop.

As well as drawing up a checklist of all the items that you definitely need to take with you, you should also consider the purchase of a utility trailer. These trailers are extremely convenient and not only can they be used for transporting your items and those for your camping trip but they can double up with many other potential uses throughout the year that makes them a very beneficial and valuable purchase.

Indespension utility trailers offer flexibility and space as well as convenience. They are small enough that they can be towed by a huge range of different vehicles but large enough to offer convenient storage and transit space for a wide range of items and belongings. For the intrepid traveller this may even include items like mountain bikes and biking accessories as well as camping equipment and holiday clothes.

Rarely do we have enough room in the car and even flattening the seats down does not provide ample space. The tent itself can take up a lot of room if you have anything larger than a single or double berth. If you have awnings, chairs, cookers, and an array of sleeping mats, bags, and other items to keep you warm and comfortable during the night then you will need even more available to you. Trailers like the Buddy 1 can provide this space.

Another useful utility trailer is the Daxara ASY 150. This is quite a lot larger than the Buddy 1 but still a convenient and useful size. You won’t struggle to find room for the extra sleeping bags but you won’t have to hire a larger SUV to be able to pull it; the perfect compromise.



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