The all new Alfa Romeo Giulia

After leaked pictures on internet just before a day ahead of official presentation, Alfa Romeo is Giulia is finally here. Alfa 159 was discontinued in 2011 and since then every year lovers of Alfa wait anxiously for the successor. The new Giulia was revealed to the public on 24 June 2015. It certainly is going to put many hearts on fire.

The first glimpse is that of typical Alfa Romeo Design. It is compact with tight muscular lines and one can argue that BMW, Jaguar and others are also behind the inspiration. The frontend looks like BMW 1 series thanks to the headlights while back tail lights give Kia optima vibes.

Guilia’s chassis is totally new but and part of components comes from Maserati Ghibli which is a good thing. The chassis and other parts have been trimmed to save weight. Large parts of Aluminum, carbon-fiber and plastic are used make the overall car light and nimble. As a result, the 50:50 weight distribution is nearly perfect. The interior is very classy and new with carbon-fiber inserts on dashboard and around gear lever.

The car we see in pictures is Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde. It is the top performance version with 3.0 liter V6 engine that is designed with the help of Ferrari engineers. The machine develops 510 hp similar to Mercedes C63 AMG, but considerable more than BMW M3(431 hp) and Audi RS4 Avant(450 hp). The straight line performance is very good and 0-60 mph is achieved in 3.9 seconds. It will be offered in both manual and automatic versions.

Giulia QV sends power to rear wheels with torque splitter and dual clutches working in symbiosis. Another update is that Italian firm has presented an Integrated brake system with the innovative electro-mechanical system that combines stability control and traditional braking to deliver immediate brake response which enables the car to stop at record short distance.

Alfa Romeo Giulia is a capable car with better driving dynamics and pleasure. The package also comes with an optional four-wheel drive version. The price and other models in line-up are not been revealed yet but Alfa Romeo has a target to produce 4,00,000 models by 2018 and Giulia will be among the main production vehicles.


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2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV


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