Ferrari 458 Italia

The new 458 italia is Ferrari’s replacement for the F430. The V8 engine has grown to 4.5 liters, but it will consume less gasoline than its predecessor and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds thanks to the seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Top speed is 198 mph(325 km/hr). Direct injection helps to reduce consumption and the supercar now delivers 13.7 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 320 g / km. Ferrari 458 italia is a brilliant car to drive. It now develops 570 hp and 540 Nm(398 lb-ft) of torque.

The gear changes are done through paddle shifters incorporated behind the steering wheel. Inside the right side of steering wheel are present controls for navigation stereo Bluetooth connection, a digital speedometer, and monitor to the rear view camera. On the left side sits cruise control, buttons for the left screen and trip computer controls. Vehicle Dynamic Assistance «VDA» gathers the auxiliary systems and controls the engine, transmission and brakes. VDA can be set in three pre-selected positions for advanced driving,  «Race», «CT off» and «CST off.»

The 458 Italia is 4527 mm long, 1937 mm wide and 1213 mm high. The wheelbase is 2,650 mm. The dry weight of the new supercar is 1380 kg. The model has many new features and Ferrari has worked a lot with aerodynamics.  The engineers who developed the 45 8 italia say that aerodynamics are not taken from the automotive sector, but are hand-picked from the Air Force. This enables 458 to behave like a fighter, with the same basic dynamics. As we see, design wise it is a gentle evolution compared to the F430, but the 458 Italia is a basically brand new car.

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Ferrari 458 italia


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