The most beautiful Ferraris Girls

Ferrari S.p.A. is the Italian company producing sports cars. It is is based in Maranello and founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari as Scuderia Ferrari. The company sponsored racers and made racing cars till 1947. Many models of the world wish to get hold of a photoshoot with these cars.

According to GoAuto with reference to the CEO of Ferrari AmadeoFelitsa, more than 20% of Ferrari cars  in China are purchased by ladies . Last year 220 Italian sports cars were sold in the country, out of them 44 were purchased by women. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world only 5% of the cars Ferrari fall to the share of ladies’ audience.

As Felitsa says, Chinese customers of Ferrari are 10 years younger than European and American ones. Moreover, they choose the most excentric salon design.

Ferrari already considers the Chinese market as the most perspective. Right here the Italian company sold the highest number of cars ever in 2015. In foreseeable 3-4 years Ferrari expects to sell in China up to 400 sports cars a year. For reference: currently there are about 500 millionaires in China, and their quantity annually grows. it will allow the company to increase sales.

For comparison, last year 28 Ferrari sports cars were sold in Russia.

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