The Most Reliable Used Cars for Families

Buying a slightly used vehicle can add up to big savings for a family, but many consumers worry about how reliable a used car will be. Families rank both fuel efficiency and safety as top concerns, so the best options will tick both boxes and have lasting power on the road. New cars come equipped with a three-year manufacturer warranty, but models that fall outside this range could add up in terms of service and repair bills. It’s best to narrow down the options carefully to find a reliable vehicle even when outside the warranty period. The following are a few affordable options which statistically suffer the fewest breakdowns while giving families the best value for their money.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla hatchback was ranked as the most reliable family car in a survey conducted by Warranty Direct. They found that the average breakdown rate per year for models between 2001 and 2007 was only 7%, which is impressive. The Corolla is popular with families due to its spacious interior and smooth handling, adding to its trustworthy reputation. Although it’s not the sportiest car this also makes it more efficient and cheaper to insure. Overall, a used Corolla is hard to beat for families seeking a reliable used model.

Peugeot 308

Used models of the Peugeot 308 are also considered to be highly reliable. This car is popular with commuters and families alike, offering a bit more style than the Corolla. The average breakdown rate per year is 16% for models dating back to 2007. One of the most attractive features of the 308 for families is its high safety rating, earned from its six airbags and stability control. The diesel engine model also offers excellent fuel economy.

Volkswagen Up

The Up might not immediately spring to mind as a family car, with its slightly funky style and smaller size. However, it can accommodate four adults comfortably and offers plenty of backseat space for the little ones. It’s an economic option both in terms of sticker price and running costs; and the Volkswagen brand is associated with reliability. Competitively priced Volkswagen Up listings on Carsales highlight its strong residual values, making it a good investment for resale down the road.

Honda Civic

Honda cars are well-made and easy to repair, potentially serving a family for many years. The Honda Civic breaks down at a rate of 10% per year for used models. With massive boot space and clean diesel engine options, the Civic is both affordable and practical for families. You can fit the kids and all of their gear into the backseat with ease.

Ford Kuga

Both the C-Max and Kuga are popular SUVs with families. The C-Max’s breakdown rate is 14% for models from 2007 to the present, but the Ford Kuga offers a wider range of amenities in a more stylish package. Slightly used Ford Kuga offers on and other listings sites allow families to take advantage of the luxurious interior features at an affordable price, and running costs are competitive.

Toyota Prius

More families are switching over to hybrids these days, drawn by the lure of low running costs. It doesn’t get more reliable than the Prius, which is one of the original hybrids on the market. Models from 2003-2009 only break down at a rate of 12% per year, and resale values remain high for this economical and green-friendly family car.



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