The new BMW 7 series — 11 awesome facts to know

BMW new flagship is here. The brand new BMW is lighter and more sophisticated than before. In addition to its basic virtues, the new 7 Series also offers exclusive range of customization options and two body styles with normal and long wheelbase. For the first time, the 7 series will bear a sporty M badge. However, it will not be a true M-version but M-sport package. All models are fitted with air suspension and optional also offered «Executive Drive Pro» which means active chassis, which automatically compensates for potholes and roll during cornering.

BMW 7 series 740Li

The interior looks modern and neat, just as it should do in a luxury car of this distinction. Two large screens dominate the dashboard, one placed in middle above the center console and other one embedded within meter console. The new 7 series had kept us in grip from quite a while with numerous spy shots and teasers. We now bring you the major highlights of BMW’s luxury saloon.

2016 BMW 7 series chasis1. Lightweight Construction — It is a perfect symbiosis between carbon fiber and aluminum. A large part of structure similar to BMW i8 is made of CFRP and aluminum. This ensures that the big car is 130 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.




2016 BMW 7 series executive lounge2. Executive Lounge — The 7 Series with extended wheelbase can be fitted with the Executive Lounge package, which is all about the comfort at the back. You can relax in the ventilated seats with massage function.The passenger seat can be placed 90 mm forward so you can lie down with legs stretched straight.




2016 BMW 7 series laser lights3. Laser lights — Optionally, you can choose laser headlights for 7 series which are also borrowed from i8. It gives a visual of 600 meters ahead and selective beam ensures effectiveness without blinding oncoming traffic.





2016 BMW 7 series carpet light4. Light Carpet — This system projects a real bright carpet light on the street as soon as you arrive at the car. The standard model features light carpet in front, whereas in long-wheelbase version lights are stretched till B-pillars. Inside is the Sky panoramic roof, which features mood lighting that can be set in six different colors. The light shines on the glass and creates a pattern making it seem like you are under a sky with lots of bright stars. And for those who still want to add more ambiance, there is the Ambient Air fragrance package with eight different flavors.

2016 BMW 7 series touch command5. BMW touch command — It commands all useable system effortlessly like massage chairs, air-conditioning and light control. You can also stream music and videos and play games. The audio can be played from specially developed surround system.




2016 BMW 7 series wireless charger6. Wireless phone charger — Thanks to induction technology, now you charge your phone wirelessly inside phone holder.





2016 BMW 7 series head up display7. Head-up Display — All safety features like navigation, information about the car, phone and entertainment options are projected on the windshield with the Head-up display that is 75 percent larger than before.





2016 BMW 7 series hand gesture8. BMW gesture control — The new 7 Series is the first car equipped with Gesture Control. It recognizes hand gestures using a 3D sensor and sends it to the iDrive system. That way you can answer your phone with a simple hand movement or adjust the volume of speakers.




2016 BMW 7 series remote parking9. Remote Control Parking — The 7 Series is the first series production car in the world with Remote Control Parking. This function helps you park the car with BMW display key while standing next to it. With 360 degrees surround view, you can maneuver obstacles just like playing a computer game.




2016 BMW 7 series engine10. Useful range of Engines — The 2015 BMW will debut with Four engine options. The entry level model is diesel 730d with 265 hp. It is followed by gasoline powered by twin-turbo six-cylinder 740i developing 326 hp and top of the line 750i xDrive with twin-turbo V8 equipped with 450 horses. Finally, a plug-in hybrid version. The 740e with turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine coupled with electric motor that produce put a total output of 326 hp. It will be capable of traveling up to 40 kilometers in electric mode, reaching a top speed of 120 km/h(75 mph). It emits only 49 gm/km of CO2 which is the lowest in the segment.

2016 BMW 7 series remote control key11. Display Key — Perhaps the most desirable gadget of this year. Instead of pointed metal, what you get is cool smart device known as BMW display key. It has 2.2-inch touch-screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. It is very similar to key found on BMW i8. It displays vital information like fuel capacity and car range. It also assists in remote parking.



BMW proclaims that the new 7 series will set a segment benchmark in terms of driving dynamics, ride comfort, efficiency and driver assistance. It is very elegant and well executed by Bavarian firm. The all new BMW 7 series will be launched by the end of this year followed by 740e hybrid in spring 2016. We are very excited to see, how well this luxury performs in the real world.


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