Tips for Choosing a Teenager’s First Car

Getting a driver’s licence is an exciting and important milestone in life, and comes with it a new level of responsibility. If you’re looking for a new car for your teenager, you may feel a bit nervous about making the right decision. Teenagers naturally want something that looks cool and sporty to drive around with their friends. Parents tend to be more concerned about issues such as safety ratings, insurance premiums, and the cost of upkeep.

Consider a Used Car

Although there’s nothing like a shiny new car with a giant bow on it to thrill any recipient, chances are that your teen will be excited with any car. Slightly used cars can yield huge discounts, and often are just as reliable as newer models. You can browse through a wide selection of new and used cars alike on online listings sites such as Motoring, or peruse the selection at local lots. When buying used, be sure to research your options carefully. Take the car for a test drive and have it looked at by your own mechanic before making any decisions. Plan to spend a bit of money on maintenance issues such as new tyres and brakes before you pass it on to your new driver.

Research Safety Ratings and Features

Safety is essential for new drivers in particular. Teen drivers are statistically far more likely to crash than more experienced drivers. Should they get in a fender bender or more serious accident, it’s best to put them behind the wheel of a car that can take a beating and still protect its precious cargo. Size is one factor to think about. Larger cars tend to have higher safety ratings. However, you’ll also want to review crash test results for the models you’re considering and the safety features that each brand offers. Airbags, restraint systems, anti-lock brakes, and electronic crash prevention features can boost a car’s safety rating. A GPS system can also be a useful tool for new drivers, to prevent them getting lost on unfamiliar roads.

Pay Attention to Fuel Efficiency

Even without long road trips, mileage can add up quickly as your teenager drives the new car around town. Getting to and from work and school end up being a large expense, which is why choosing a car with decent gas mileage is important. Reading green cars review can point you in the right direction towards finding something that will be both safe and stylish.

Popular options include the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic model, which offers 76mpg, and the Volvo C30, which offers 74mpg. These make excellent cars for younger drivers.

Choose Insurance-Friendly Vehicles

Due to the higher incidence of accidents for drivers under the age of 20, you can expect insurance to be costly. You can reduce it by purchasing an economical, safe vehicle. If you’re buying used, make sure that your car is less than 10 years old so that it is up-to-date with safety features and regulations. Cars with lower levels of horsepower will not only be easier to insure, but will also provide less opportunity for breaking speeding laws.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when seeing what’s out there. These tips apply not only to teenagers, but also to any driver who is new to the road.



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