Volkswagen Sportsvan is the new Golf Plus

Volkswagen is launching a brand new version of Golf at the Motor Show in Frankfurt. Perfect for those who do not want to drive a station wagon but crave for more space. The new model known as Sportsvan will replace Golf plus similar to SportCombi which had replaced the Variant model. According to the company Sportsvan is a concept, but as we see in pictures the car seems to be production ready. Volkswagen is aiming to increase its market share in hatchback segment after the launch of this model. According to the company » Sportsvan is one of the most versatile vehicle of the compact class».

There are several clever details offered to customers in this model. Firstly, the rear seat slides 18 inches in length to better prioritize leg room or more cargo space. Moreover the seats are positioned higher and give better view of traffic through large glass. Sportsvan is 8.3 inches longer, 12.6 inches higher and has five centimeter larger wheelbase as compared to standard golf. The trunk volume is 585 liters. The six engines offered are directly taken from regular Golf and are equipped with similar DSG transmission. The production ready car will go sale in 2014.

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Volkswagen SportsVan


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