Weclome New Budget Indian Sedan

In the near future India will produce a small sedan Tigor (it is the name given to the production version of the concept Tata Kite 5, which was introduced in February last year). Features of the model has not yet been opened, it is known only that the model is based on the hatchback Tata Tiago, launched on the local market in the spring of 2016.

Tigor is almost completely preserved the prototype design. According to preliminary data, the sedan length is 3995 mm, the size of the wheelbase is 2450 mm. These indicators (249 mm and 50 mm), respectively, greater than that Tiago. The width and height of the models are the same: 1 647 and 1 535 mm.

Below you will see the body and cabin of Tata Kite 5 and Tata Tiago.




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