What you should know about Trolley Jacks

Trolley jacks are one of the most basic and important piece of equipment used in garage. I remember when my car broke down and we do not have a simple jack to fix the inflated tire. luckily our neighbor Mr. Samuel had a Trolley Jack in his garage. While using this equipment it felt like lifting an SUV is as simple as opening bonnet of my car. With seconds the car was lifted and then the tire change was done in couple of minutes. I was amazed by the functionality of this tool.

trolley jack trolley jacks

There are few popular form of Hydraulic jacks namely Trolley jacks, Bottle jacks, Scissor Jacks and Airbag Jacks. Hydraulic Trolley jack performs better that other types of jacks as it is more flexible and elevates loads higher in proportion to its depth. All the jacks are very handy as they have wheels and can be moved from one place to another very easily. If you want to choose a particular kind of Trolley jack, the primary consideration should be the amount of weight you need to lift. If you have a truck in your garage which weighs more that 2.5 Ton and your jack can only lift 2 ton, it would be very difficult to lift the vehicle and chances are that it might cause damage to vehicle or jack. One of the useful stores online to look for Trolley Jacks is http://www.sgs-engineering.com



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